F.lli Zanichelli always works metal wire to specific client requests with utmost precision.

The technical drawing and/or reference sample provided by the client becomes a graphic design that is researched, analysed and developed in collaboration with the technical office staff that conducts an analysis of feasibility, time and processing costs, and any possible suggestions to lastly start mass production.

round from ø 2.5 mm to ø 16 mm

square 8×8 mm – 10×10 mm

laminate 3.1×1.5 mm class SH
laminate 3×2 / 10×4 mm BT
laminate 15/20 x 5 mm sharp edges


zinc plating
heat treatments
nickel plating
chrome plating
powder and liquid painting

Types of welding
and assembly

F.lli Zanichelli develops assemblies of various types with automatic or semi-automatic machines.
Different types of manual and robotic welding (tig, mig-mag, electro spot welding) and assemblies are carried out.
It performs resistance welding using column spot welding machines in various powers. To ensure a higher degree of robustness at the joinery points between the various components, it also has multiple TIG and MIG welding stations.
Automated welding, on the other hand, makes it possible to speed up processing, ensuring the quality of the product but at low processing costs.

Lastly, Zanichelli performs electric spot welding (electro-spot welding), or the joinery of two details in metal wire by heating the metal on the contact surfaces. This technique generates very well-defined welding points with high aesthetic quality.






At the end of production, the final control is carried out.
At this point the goods are ready to be packed for shipment.

The packaging department of F.lli Zanichelli offers a packaging service suitable for shipping that seeks to maximise space and volumes.

The packaging step is completed with the labelling operation. Labels are generated and printed for each package.

In addition to standard labels, it is possible to create custom labels for the individual client with the most varied information about both the product and/or the client.


Standard and on-demand boxes in customised formats


We also pack our products on packages supplied by the client or specially designed on request.