Production of
small metal parts
in wire and tape

F.lli Zanichelli has a latest generation machinery park including: mechanical machines and CNC machines for the processing of wire and laminate from ø 2.5 to ø 16 mm.

Zanichelli’s production power is expressed in its remarkable flexibility.

Certified management system ISO 9001
F.lli Zanichelli works in compliance with RoHS – Reach legislation in force.

It is used in many sectors: agriculture, food, fire prevention, furniture, camping, household items, chemical, automotive, construction, household appliances, hardware, gardening, heating and air conditioning, car components, chandeliers, tractors, camper vans, food, hardware, toys, drapery, fishing, textiles, suitcases, costume jewellery…

for design

and gardening

Antincendio 1

fire prevention and security systems

and innovation

F.lli Zanichelli has innovative and state-of-the-art know-how.

We can list: mechanical machines and c.n.c. machines for the machining of wire from Ø 2.5 to Ø 16 and laminate, robots, welding bench with robot, spot welders, threading machines, rollers, presses and chamfering machines.

The technical staff of F.lli Zanichelli benefit from their experience, attending refresher and/or specialisation courses and using high-tech advanced tools (3D CAD stations), managing the construction of production equipment and assessing technical feasibility before final implementation.

and technology

F.lli Zanichelli-manufactured products are part of complex mechanisms and are assembled on automated lines, progressive moulds and specific production and control equipment in order to guarantee quality and production efficiency. To do this, it is essential to constantly invest in research and new technologies.

The technical department supports the client in the phases of development, prototyping, industrialisation and fine-tuning of production.

and innovation

The technical team is constantly updated through training courses, workshops and participation in specific sector events.

At the basis of such high qualification and competitiveness, which are the strengths of F.lli Zanichelli, lies constant investment in the technology park.

Internal equipment is constantly renewed and expanded and the methods and processes are regularly updated to meet increasingly refined demands in terms of reliability, precision and efficiency.