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F.lli Zanichelli was founded in 1974 by Ennio Zanichelli and Fermina Zanichelli.
It was established as a commercial company operating in the sector of packaging and related items.
In 1978, the company diversified its objectives and became a small metal articles manufacturing company, specialising in the subcontracting of items derived from wire and metal tape processing.
After years of experience and thousands of solutions researched and constructed, combined with a spirit of innovation and technology, F.lli Zanichelli has become a leading company in the small metal parts sector working to the client’s design or sample.

F.lli Zanichelli S.r.l. a socio unico
Via delle Querce, 12
46019 Viadana (MN) – Italy

Pho. +39 0375 780327
Fax +39 0375 780411